Qualification and the procedure to become a member in the Company:

An individual woman producer or a producer Institution engaged in the production of milk from milch animals owned by her and is responsible for the care and management of cows/buffaloes would be eligible for applying for Membership of the Company. Membership shall be limited to only one producer from each household

An Individual women producer or a producer Institution willing to become a Member of the Company shall apply in prescribed application form to the Company and undertake in writing to abide by the provisions of the Memorandum and the Articles of Association of the Company.

No person who has any business interest which is in conflict with the business of the Company shall become a Member of the Company.

Such an Individual woman producer or a Producer Institution shall become a member of the Board of Directors passes a resolution accepting her admission as a member.For continuation of the membership, the following criteria are to be followed.

  • Minimum 500 Ltrs of milk should be supplied in a year
  • At least 200 days of supply should be ensured in a year
  • Member should subscribe to minimum of five shares( the current value of each share is Rs. 100/-)
  • Pay a non refundable application fee of Rs. 50/-
  • Subscribe for additional shares matching the annual milk supply agreeing to contribute Rs. 1/- per liter of milk supplied