We shall procure and deliver safe milk and milk products to our customer by clearly understanding and accurately internalizing our customer requirements at all times while continuing to optimize returns to the producer-members by strictly adhering to following measures.

  • Ensure Food Safety & Quality at all levels through effective implementation of Food Safety Management System and take necessary steps to ensure that Food safety objectives are achieved,
  • Conforming to applicable statutory, Regulatory and consumer requirements,
  • Developing Food Safety and Quality capabilities  of work force  and motivate them through structured awareness and training programs,
  • Strive to identify and apply innovative practices and state of the art technology for continual improvement,
  • Communicating suppliers/ vendors and relevant interested parties to embrace and ensure required food safety and quality norms,
  • Developing a network of producer-members committed to Institutional norms, Quality, Food Safety and productivity.
  • Strive continuously to reduce operating cost and supply chain losses.
  • Protecting our environment through judicial use of natural resources