Jobs at Shreeja Milk

Shreeja Mahila Milk Producer Company offers an excellent work environment with considerable freedom for creative and innovative activities and a high level of transparency that provides, the professional satisfaction of the highest order, of doing something for a larger cause to ensure and enhance the economic status of our rural population. The work entrusted to the employees challenge their managerial capabilities and skills and provide an opportunity to exhibit commitment and dedication and to be creative and proactive to achieve the objectives laid down for a noble mission. Besides this, SMMPCL provides great learning opportunities to each employee to work in teams of individuals who are highly qualified, competent and committed to the organizational objectives. In effect, SMMPCL's organizational culture is excellence driven for a noble cause, which no amount of monetary rewards can probably compensate.

SMMPCL operates in an environment of synchronization of professional objectives of employees with organizational objectives, mutual trust, transparency, openness, fairness, equitability, and objectivity. Moreover, it is an organization with the management and work ethics are of the highest possible level. SMMPCL offers an environment that is professional and conducive to creativity and innovation.